El Paseo Community Council

El Paseo Community Council (EPCC) is an ongoing initiative being led by El Paseo Community Garden. The success of their stewardship, governance, community-driven projects, and programming serve as an example of how the proposed trail could function. The EPCC will focus on the Pilsen portion of the trail and will be formed organically through a series of community meetings and give all those interested a chance to become a member. Committees will be formed to focus on specific areas including: housing and equityarts and culturehealth and safety,  stewardship, and programming

El Paseo Community Council’s (EPCC) mission is to unify stakeholders and residents and give them a voice in the development and stewardship along El Paseo Trail. While residents will enjoy the benefits of the trail and look forward to positive health and recreation impacts there are concerns about the unintended consequences of El Paseo’s development on longtime residents in Pilsen and Little Village. It is the Council’s goal to provide a framework for all community members to speak to their hopes and concerns, and at the same time build a permanent platform for community inclusion.

To sign up to participate in a committee please fill out our comment form.