Stewardship Committee


The City intends for this to be the first ever community managed trail in Chicago led by local stakeholders and community organizations. For example, the existing portion along Sangamon between Cullerton and 21st Street is managed by El Paseo Community Garden through their land trust Neighborspace. Stakeholder meetings have been held with developments along the Sangamon portion to plan a cohesive corridor and share the responsibilities and costs of maintenance through an adopt-a-block system. Public community design meetings for the Sangamon portion are anticipated for Spring 2020.

This committee is co-chaired by El Paseo Community Garden and Neighborspace and will focus on:

  • Researching Models for Sustainable Community-Based Governance and Stewardship
  • Building Upon Existing, Successful NeighborSpace Community Governance Structure
  • Drafting Expanded Governance Plan
  • Drafting Phased Stewardship Plan
  • Identifying Funding Sources for Maintenance Activities
  • Creating Support Structures for Community Stewardship

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